Dr. Willie Wilson's Exploratory Committee Announcement

I am here today to Announce that I am forming an Exploratory Committee to consider a run for President of the United States.

Now, let’s be clear.  I have not decided for sure to run but I have a lot of people who are encouraging me to run.

Some of those people will be part of my Exploratory Committee.

One of the things I learned during my campaign for mayor is that people are hungry for truth, honesty and opportunity.

The people have lost faith in their government.

I believe the reason they have is because the United States itself has lost its way and its faith.

As a result, America is weaker.  America’s brand is tarnished.  America is more divided. America needs the healing power of faith.

For me personally, I know the power of faith.  It brought me from the cotton fields of Louisiana and delivered me to the corporate boardrooms around the world.

Faith made me a believer in the goodness of people in this country. 

I love America and I want to make sure it lives up to its potential.

We have a responsibility to make sure that “liberty and justice for all”  is not just some empty pledge.  We have to make sure every person is covered by that promise. I will demand reform of our justice system.

This country got its start as a “government of the people”.

I want to help America get back to respecting its people.

Every man, woman and child in this country needs to know that their lives are valuable.

We must re-brand and reform our nation so that we can get back to the great country that we used to be.

I will roll up my sleeves to reform our educational system so that every child gets a quality education that will lead to a brighter future.

I will work to reform our economic system so that people who want to work will find jobs and opportunities.  That’s the only way we can have better and healthier communities.

Speaking of communities; we need to make sure that those who live in  economically disadvantaged neighborhoods are not the targets of police occupation.

I will work to make sure our police departments are partners for peace in our communities.

Despite my humble beginnings,  I have been pretty fortunate in my life. I’m blessed with a loving family and a successful, multi-million dollar business.

But my faith obligates me to use my time, my best efforts, and my resources to help lead America back to its principles.

The principles that put the needs of the people first. 

My faith tells me that America’s greatness is still in its people.

If I decide to run I guarantee that I will be a candidate who will bring people together.

First of all, I will help people restore their trust and faith in each other.

I  will help knock down the walls that divide us.

I know how to bring together people of all ethnic groups and economic backgrounds.

The bottom line is that I care deeply about America.

The strength of this country comes from its people.

In fact, my motto will be  “Unity, Strength and Faith”.

America is strong when we are United.

I will work to restore America’s strength of character. 

I will go all out to restore America’s strength of compassion.

But above all, I will work to restore America’s faith.