Presidential Candidate and Former Chicago Mayoral Candidate Calls for Their Resignations

Presidential Candidate and Former Chicago Mayoral Candidate Willie Wilson Calls Emmanuel, McCarthy and Alvarez Complicit in the Obstruction of Justice Regarding the Execution of Laquan McDonald and Demands Their Resignations

Chicago, IL – (Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015)Presidential Candidate Willie Wilson and former Chicago Mayoral Candidate is demanding the immediate resignations of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez for their respective roles in keeping from the public the horrible truth regarding the execution style murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald by disgraced Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke.

Wilson says, “I campaigned to remove Emmanuel from office and I’m on record calling for the firing of Garry McCarthy.  I am also demanding that State’s Attorney Alvarez resign immediately.  These three high ranking public officials who are custodians of the public trust have immorally, dismissively and tragically violated that trust.  How these three persons could hold such a brutal and savage recording of Mr. McDonald shot 16 times – 14 times while he was prostrate on the ground for over a year, seemingly to win elections and save face is downright sinful.  This gruesome behavior by Officer Jason Van Dyke was rewarded for over a year with full pay and benefits.  I am disgusted. 

Had it not been for the journalistic integrity of Brandon Smith who won a Freedom of Information lawsuit that led to the video’s release, Laquan would have just been another black man lynched by those sworn to protect us.  To even think that five million dollars in hush money would keep Van Dyke safe and gainfully employed is now backfiring throughout City Hall.

Mayor Emmanuel, Superintendent McCarthy and State’s Attorney Alvarez don’t need to be supported – they must be ousted!  I pray for our city and especially for the family of Laquan McDonald.  I encourage all citizens to protest peacefully and non-violently.  We can overcome and we shall.  God Bless Chicago.”

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