Presidential candidate Wilson joins diginitaries at MLK Memorial


Candidate Willie Wilson joins a host of dignitaries

Candidate Willie Wilson joins a host of dignitaries


CHICAGO (August 3, 2015) – The site of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial will serve a as a fitting backdrop for speeches from public figures including Democratic presidential candidate Willie Wilson of Chicago, who will address the crowd of hundreds about how the Voting Rights Act cleared the way for all of America to vote for candidates like himself to run for the nation’s highest office.

The Washington, D.C. celebration is being held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, which among other things, prevents states from inhibiting any registered voter the right to participate in the election process. The event is a collaboration between the Drum Major Institute for Public Policy, which will be represented by Martin Luther King, III, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference.

Wilson said from his Chicago office Monday that he is but one product of the legislation, and that he is honored to have been invited to speak at the ceremony.

“The right to vote is something that we should never take for granted. It’s important for us to remember that while all American citizens constitutionally are afforded the legal right, the fate of minorities taking part in this important process was made possible by the Voting Rights Act, and by the suffering of many, many brave citizens, Black and White, who forced this law into existence,” said Wilson.

“The success of my campaign and that of several minority candidates relies on the ability for everyone to be able to vote, without intimidation or restriction.”

Wilson, who also ran for mayor of Chicago this year, upsetting the incumbent mayor’s candidacy and causing a run-off election, is becoming widely known for his “every man” campaign, inclusive of everyone regardless of party affiliation. His top priorities are public safety, education, economic development, equal opportunities for all citizens, and installing national faith-based initiatives.

Wilson’s most recent visits have included stops in Detroit, Michigan; Cedar Rapids, Iowa; Davenport, Iowa; Greenville, South Carolina; Merrillville, Indiana; Manchester, New Hampshire; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; Miami, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


– Democratic Presidential Candidate Willie Wilson of Chicago

– Martin Luther King III, The Drum Major Institute for Public Policy

– Rev. Charles Steele, national president, Southern Christian Leadership Conference

– Hundreds of attendees


Thursday, August 6, 2015

9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.


Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

1964 Independence Avenue, SW

Washington, D.C.


Wilson, 67, announced his candidacy on June 1 from the Chicago Baptist Institute, a not-for-profit school for higher learning in the Baptist religious community in Chicago where he serves as chairman of the board. Wilson has been using his time following his announcement to visit key cities to talk with voters about his solutions to the nation’s on-going social and economic challenges. He is well-known for his “rags-to-riches” story of poverty and sharecropping cotton in Louisiana to great success in business and philanthropy.