Willie Wilson in Birmingham, AL

Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Pratt City

1708 Spencer Avenue

Birmingham, AL  35214


Dr. T. L. Lewis Pastor 

Press Conference



For Immediate Release

Birmingham, Ala. – July 23, 2015


Dr. T. L. Lewis, Sr. Pastor of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, Pratt City invites you to a Press Conference with Presidential Candidate Willie Wilson. The Presidential candidate is on the campaign trail in the deep south.  He will meet with local clergy, politicians and civic leaders Saturday, July 25, 2015 at 3:00pm at the campus of Bethel Baptist Church, Pratt City.  Wilson is running as a Democrat. Most recently he ran for Mayor of Chicago, winning just over ten percent of the vote. He was criticized for a lack of experience and unclear platform.  Wilson owns a $60 million medical supplies company and boasts that he is the American dream. He shared his stories of picking cotton as a kid and his actions as a runaway teen.  Wilson only has a seventh grade education, however, he went on to own several McDonald’s franchises in the Chicago area. He also runs a gospel music show that airs across the country.  Wilson platform is on economic development, education, and public safety.

“It can no longer be Republican against Democrat, citizens against police, White versus Black, rich versus poor. We must achieve the original vision of our country – to be a place where all people can be free to pursue life, liberty and happiness – truly one nation under God.”

- Dr. Willie Wilson